Unique Selling Proposition

System Compatibility

Komponententausch USP1

Both systems allow for swapping of just one component when needed, which means, that refurbishing does not require a complete system exchange. Sensor cables SEC 15 / SEC 20 and external sensors ESD / ESA are universally compatible with their respective evaluation unit SCU / LISTcontroller.

External Sensors


Use of external sensors ESD and ESA in local protection applications, i.e. motors, bearings, gearboxes, etc., using the same operating principle, as in the sensor cables SEC 15 and SEC 20.


Unverwechselbarkeit USP1

Electronic sensor cable system with equally spaced integrated temperature sensors, connected to the flexible flat conductor inside the cable.

Manifold Branching

Verzweigungen USP1

There is no necessity to linearly lay out the sensing element. It is possible to realise manifold branches with both sensor cables SEC 15 and SEC 20, as well as to add external sensors ESD and ESA

Measurement Resolution

Resolution USP1

The measurement resolution is 0.1 °C with a repeatability of ± 0,1 K along the entire cable length, independent of sensor spacing. This is unique within the competition.

Precise Detection

Punktgenau USP1

Localisation of the fire source with a resolution equal to the sensor spacing (i.e. three meter sensor spacing equals three meter localisation interval).


Kalibrierungsfrei USP1

The LIST and d-LIST systems do not need any form of calibration, neither before, nor during operation.

VdS approved - EN 54-22

G221004 72 G213072 72

Our both resettable line-type heat detectors type LIST & d-LIST are approved and certified by VdS according to the current product
standard EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020

Pfeil  VdS approval No.: G 221004 for sensor control unit d-LISTcontroller and sensing element SEC 15
VdS approval No.: G 213072 for sensor control unit LISTcontroller and sensing element SEC 20

DNV approved

Our resettable line-type heat detector d-LIST is approved by DNV, certification no.: TAA000030H.

Pfeil  Sensor control units d-LISTcontroller and SCU 835

Pfeil  Sensor element SEC 15

Pfeil  Functionelements: connection boxes CBO 15, connection cable CC 15, prefabrication SECcon 15

Pfeil  The system can also be combined with external sensors ESD-A5.

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