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FAQ - frequently asked questions

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Helpful information and answers to frequently asked questions about our LIST and d-LIST resettable line heat detectors have been clearly compiled for you here. 

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FAQ - General questions & answers about our
LIST and d-LIST systems

Frequently asked questions about the linear heat detector systems LIST- and d-LIST
How accurately and quickly does the sensor cable for the LIST and d-LIST linear heat detectors detect a change in temperature?

Localisation is carried out precisely by the addressed sensors and the measuring cycle of the cable is a maximum of 10 seconds.

Can the cable colours be chosen random?

For the line heat detector LIST and d-LIST, we offer standard cable colours as well as any colour according to customer requirements. These are delivered similar to RAL.

Is remote maintenance of the LIST / d-LIST system possible?

Yes, our service team is able - after appropriate approval - to access the evaluation units via telephone modem or network access.

Do LIST / d-LIST systems respond to convection heat or to radiant heat?

The SEC 20 sensor cable for the LIST system reacts to convection heat as well as to thermal radiation, which mainly contributes to fire detection at higher wind speeds (e.g. in tunnels). 
The LIST sensor cable SEC 20 ensures accurate fire detection even at wind speeds of 10 m/s. The same applies to the sensor cable SEC 15.

The same applies to the SEC 15 sensor cable for the d-LIST system.

Are the LIST and d-LIST systems VdS approved?

Yes, the LISTcontroller and the sensor cable SEC 20 are approved according to EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020, response class A1N, A2N as well as BN, environmental group III, VdS approval no.: G 213072.

The d-LISTcontroller is also VDS approved; all information can be found here.

Are the sensor cables and evaluation units for the LIST / d-LIST system manufactured abroad?

No, the sensor cables and evaluation units of both systems are "Made in Germany".

Is there a possibility of training for the LIST / d-LIST system?

Yes, we have suitable training offers for both systems, you can find them under Training.

Which certificates does the LIST system have?

Our LIST system is certified as follows: 
- VDS-recognised
- ATEX-certified for zones 2 and 22: Sensor cable SEC 20

Which certificates does the d-LIST system have?

Our d-LIST system is certified as follows: 
- VDS recognised
- GL and DNV recognised for the maritime industry 
- ATEX-certified for zones 2 and 22: sensor cable SEC 15 and the individual sensors ESD-A5

What is the service life of the LIST and d-LIST sensor cable systems?

Our sensor cables and control units have been used reliably by many of our customers for more than 20 years.

Does the sensor cable react to heat along the entire cable?

No, the convection, radiant or conduction heat must reach the sensor.

FAQ - technical questions & answers about our
LIST and d-LIST systems

Frequently asked questions about technical details as well as the installation of our linear heat detectors LIST- and d-LIST
Does the repeatability of the temperature measurement of ± 0.1 K over the entire sensor cable length apply to the LIST system?

Yes, and this is unique in the industry of resettable linear heat detectors.

What is the repeatability of the d-LISTcontroller?

The repeatability of the d-LISTcontroller is ± 0.0625 K.

Does the SEC 20 / SEC 15 sensor cable have to be routed to the evaluation unit?

No, both sensor cables (SEC 20 as well as SEC 15) are only mounted in the area that is to be monitored. The connection from the sensor cable to the evaluation unit can be made via a connection cable.

Are there tests on the UV resistance of the sensor cables?

We have many years of positive experience with the use of a black sensor cable. However, we have not carried out any tests so far.

Are the LIST / d-LIST systems resistant to acid and chemicals?

This depends on the concentration, temperature and duration of the contact. Feel free to contact us with your specific request, we will advise you without obligation.

What is the range of action of the LIST / d-LIST sensor cable systems?

The specific standards and guidelines can be found in the technical data; these can be found here for the LIST system and here for the d-LIST system.

What distance must be maintained from other electrical cables?

The following distances must be observed:
- Optimal: >= 1.0 m
- At least >= 0.5 m for 1 kV - 20 kV ( if less, at least 0.2 m)

Which mounting accessories are included in the scope of delivery?

You can find the scope of delivery in the respective data sheet. You can download them here:
- technical data LIST system 
- technical data d-LIST system

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With over three decades of experience in numerous sectors and applications in industry and infrastructure, we know: systems for early fire detection and temperature monitoring not only have to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern technology, but also detect and forward the dangers of temperature fluctuations and sources of fire early and 100% reliably with flexible and specific solutions. 
Our LIST systems just do that. In adverse ambient conditions, over long distances as well as in clean and controlled areas - highly precise, durable and maintenance-free, our LIST sensor systems ensure safety.