Sensor Control Unit LISTcontroller

 LISTcontroller FR 72

Pfeil  Control and evaluation unit of the resettable line-type heat detector LIST
Pfeil  Contains an ARM9™ embedded processor and two additional distributed processors for reliable temperature monitoring
Pfeil  Measurement resolution of 0,1 °C with a repeatability of ± 0.1 K along the entire sensor cable length
Pfeil  10 second measuring cycle
Pfeil  Up to 254 individually programmable zones
Pfeil  Differential and maximum temperature evaluation
Pfeil  Temperature range from -25 °C … +70 °C
Pfeil  VdS approved according to EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020, approval No.: G 213072, response classes A1N, A2N, BN, environmental class III
Pfeil  May be used with sensor cable SEC 20, external sensors ESA, connection boxes CBO 20 and remote display unit RDU 316
Application in pairs ensures complete cable and unit redundancy (RDT-mode, Rerouted Data Transmission)
Pfeil  Technical data:
     (455 KB) (453 KB) (457 KB) (455 KB)

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