Teamviewer Quick Support Tool

General information:
We gladly also supply you with technical support directly on your PC. Please agree on a date and time with your LISTEC, at which the support session will take place.
This support is supplementary service for the pre-clearing of technical issues and does not replace the regular maintenance of LIST / d-LIST systems.

Please note:
Pfeil  After downloading and starting the Teamviewer OuickSupport module, the software will transmit the content of your monitor in real time,
    so that we can offer the necessary support

Pfeil  Please ensure that all programmes and files, which we should not be seen by the supporter, are closed before commencing.
Pfeil  The transmission of the monitor content and the access to your PC starts only after your acknowledgement and you providing the supporter
    with your ID and PIN.

Pfeil  You can disconnect the remote support session at any time, by closing the remote support module.
Pfeil  You should remain at your PC and monitor the procedures for the duration of the remote support session.
Pfeil  It is not possible to remove / copy data from your PC unnoticed.

TeamViewer Disclaimer:
You are in the process of initiating a mutual remote support session with LISTEC GmbH employee.
Note: By starting the TeamViewer Software you acknowledge the disclaimer for the use of TeamViewer.

Disclaimer during the use of TeamViewer:
LISTEC GmbH does not assume any responsibility for the programs installed on your computer or the software for protecting these (virus scanners or firewalls). The responsibility for the safety and security of your data lies with the client. LISTEC GmbH does not accept any liability for faults that it has not caused, even if these occur at a similar time to when the support was provided.
Note: By initiating the TeamViewer software, you accept LISTEC GmbH’s disclaimer for the Use of TeamViewer.

Accept and Download

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