SEC 20 Simulator CSM 200

CSM200 72

Pfeil  Designed to simulate sensor cable SEC 20 in test set-ups, trainings, or data protocol tests on-site
Pfeil  Use with control and evaluation unit LISTcontroller
Pfeil  Simulation of up to 200 sensors
Pfeil  Two temperature sensors available on-board for manual heat-up or cool-down tests
Pfeil  May be combined with sensor cable SEC 20 and external sensors ESA
Four push buttons to simulate differential temperature pre-signals ans alarms, maximum temperature alarms, as well as sensor loss
Pfeil  Setting-up a redundant LIST system may be realised by using two or more CSM 200
Pfeil  Modules may easily be reprogrammed via PC-software
Pfeil  DIN-rail installation
Pfeil  Technical data:
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