Connection Cable CC 20

CC20 72

Pfeil  Fire alarm cable, type JE-H((St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90
Pfeil  Halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics
Pfeil  Applicable up to a maximum operating voltage of 225 V AC
Pfeil  The System circuit integrity requirement E30-E90*, according to DIN 4102-12, allows for an operating voltage of up to 110 V AC,
     *System circuit integrity is dependent on installation method
Pfeil  Temperature range from -30 °C … +70 °C (permanent installation) / -5 °C … +50 °C (during installation)
Pfeil  Cable diameter 6 mm
Pfeil  Four core with additional drain wire
Pfeil  May be combined with sensor cable SEC 20 via connection boxes CBO 20
Technical data:
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